Venice 2024 Entry Ticket Booking: Complete and Updated Guide

How the entrance fee to Venice works

Booking entry to Venice has become essential to fully enjoy the city. Find out everything about Venice ticket booking and plan your visit without stress on your part stay at the Luxury Camp di Cavallino Treporti by following our simple guide.

How much does a Venice entrance ticket reservation cost?

The amount of the contribution for 2024 is 5 euros per day. There are no discounts available. This contribution applies exclusively to the ancient city of Venice and not to the smaller islands such as Lido di Venezia, Murano, Burano and others. Those transiting through Piazzale Roma, Tronchetto or the Maritime Station without entering the ancient city is not obliged to pay the contribution.

When you need the Ticket to enter Venice

Application DaysTime slot
25-30 April 20248:30 - 16:00
1-5 May 20248:30 - 16:00
Weekends from May to July (except June 1-2)8:30 - 16:00

Who has to pay the Venice entrance ticket

The contribution is required from every individual aged at least 14 who enters the Ancient City of the Municipality of Venice, with specified exceptions. Typically, this is asked of daily visitors. The collection takes place mainly through the multilingual digital platform available After registration, users receive a QR Code to be shown during checks to demonstrate payment or exemption.

Who does NOT have to pay the Venice entrance ticket

The following are exempt from paying the contribution:

  • Born and resident in the Municipality of Venice
  • Children under 14 years of age (showing of identity document)
  • Holders of the European Disability Card and companions (showing the Disability Card)
  • Armed Forces and Law Enforcement personnel (including firefighters) (showing service card)

Other exempt entities must still register on to obtain the exemption:

  • Employed or self-employed workers (including commuters)
  • Students of schools and universities in Venice or nearby islands
  • Property owners who pay IMU in Venice and family members
  • Residents in Veneto
  • People needing medical care
  • Participants in sports competitions
  • Spouses, cohabitants, relatives or in-laws up to the third degree of residents

How to register for Venice entrance ticket booking

Imagine you want to go and visit a magical city called Venice. To enter, you need to make a special ticket. Here's how to do it, step by step:

  1. Go to the Internet
  • Use your computer or phone and go to a special site called It's like opening an adventure book about Venice!
  1. Create an Account
  • When you are on the site, look for a button that says “Fee Payment” or “Exemptions” and click it.
  • You will see a form to fill out. Enter your name, surname, email and telephone number.
  1. Choose the Visit Day
  • Now, you have to choose the day you want to go to Venice. Look for a calendar and select the date, remember to check the days on which it is mandatory to book your visit, how? I summarize them below:
MonthMandatory Days for Reservation
April25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
May1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26
June8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30
July6, 7, 13, 14

Be sure to check these dates and book your entry in advance to avoid surprises!

  1. Pay for the ticket
  • After choosing the date, you have to pay for the ticket. Look for the option to pay by credit card or PayPal and enter the required information. It's like buying a ticket to a movie.
  1. Receive the QR Code
  • Once paid, you will receive a QR Code via email with the Venice entrance ticket booking confirmation.
  • When you go to Venice, you have to show this QR Code at the entrance and during checks.

Here are all the steps! Follow this guide and you will be ready to visit Venice!

Summary table

1. Go onlineGo to the site: your computer or phone
2. Create AccountClick “Payment of contribution” or “Exemptions”Enter name, surname, email, telephone
3. Choose the DayChoose the date of your visitUse the calendar on the site
4. Pay for the TicketPay by credit card or PayPalEnter your payment information
5. Receive QR CodeReceive QR Code via emailShow it at the entrance and during checks

Booking with the Luxury Camp concierge

If you stay at our luxury camp, you don't have to worry about booking your entrance ticket to Venice. Our concierge service will take care of everything for you! Simply inform us of your visit dates and we will take care of booking the ticket for you, ensuring a stress-free experience and guaranteeing you access to the city on the dates you request. Enjoy your stay and leave the details to us!

Penalties for failure to book Venice entrance tickets

The municipal administration can carry out checks and inspections at the main access points to the ancient city. Administrative sanctions vary from 50 to 300 euro plus the contribution of 10 euros. You can also be reported under the Criminal Code and special laws if you make false statements or use false documentation.


How do you book entry to Venice in 2024?

To book entry to Venice in 2024, visitors must use a dedicated online platform. After selecting the date of the visit, it is possible to complete the payment of 5 euros per person, reserved for day tourists not resident in Veneto. A QR code will be generated and must be shown to the authorities. If you are a guest of the Luxury Camp, contact the Concierge on the direct number +393297647959

Where can you buy entrance tickets to Venice?

Entrance tickets to Venice can be purchased via the official website of the municipality of Venice or on other authorized platforms. You must follow the instructions to complete your booking and payment.

Is there an app to book entry to Venice?

At the moment, it is not clearly specified whether there is a dedicated application for booking entry into Venice. However, most bookings can be made via the official website.

Since when will it be mandatory to pay the ticket to access Venice?

Payment of the entrance ticket will be mandatory starting from 25 April 2024. The 29 days in which payment will be necessary are distributed between April and July 2024.

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