Are there safety deposit boxes in the Luxury Camp accommodation?

Safety boxes are present in the general reception of Camping Union Lido to better protect the safety of guests. They are free and, if you are interested in the service, the Luxury Camp Team will accompany you directly.

Where exactly are the Mirror Suites at the Luxury Camp at Union Lido?

The Mirror Suites of the Luxury Camp are located between Milan and Bologna streets, 100 meters from the Laguna Water Park. See the map.

Is it possible to have a buffet breakfast somewhere in the Luxury Camp at Union Lido accommodation?

Naturally, it is possible to book the service directly from the Concierge at least the day before to have breakfast on the private terrace of your Mirror Suite, or you can be accompanied to the breakfast room inside Camping Union Lido with the internal electric Shuttle Taxi.

Are the sunbeds on the beach free for guests of the Luxury Camp at Union Lido?

Generally the sunbeds on the private beach Luxury Beach they are included in the stay, however in certain periods of the season they may not be included. We recommend always checking the booking conditions, and possibly adding them directly at the time of confirmation booking through our website.

What size are the beds at the Luxury Camp at Union Lido?

The double beds are 160x190cm and the single beds are 80x90cm.

Are there swimming pools open in May and heated at the Luxury Camp at Union Lido?

Yes, in the Laguna water park area there is a heated swimming pool already open to the public in May. In addition to this there are also heated swimming pools at the W10 and Marino Wellness centre.

How far is Luxury Beach from Luxury Camp at Union Lido?

The private beach of the Luxury Camp at Union Lido "Luxury Beach" is 250m from the Luxury Camp accommodations and can be reached on foot in about 5 minutes or with the exclusive free Shuttle Taxi service where the staff can take you directly from your suite to the umbrella on the beach.

Is there WIfi service in the Luxury Camp at Union Lido accommodation?

Yes, the Wifi service is available and included in the price of your stay, however for high speed needs you can contact the Concierge for a high speed upgrade by selecting the package suited to your needs. 

Are the Luxury Caravan and Luxury Easy accommodations located on the Borgo del Luxury Camp at Union Lido?

No, the Luxury Caravan Collection line and therefore also the Luxury Easy are located in the Mirror Suites of the Luxury Camp at Union Lido village. The staff is always available for any need. See the Map to understand the exact location.

How to get around the Luxury Camp at Union Lido?

Inside the Luxury Camp and Camping Union Lido there are various ways of getting around. The Luxury Camp offers its guests a shuttle service exclusively  Internal taxi free included in the stay to reach the beach or the main points of the village. If necessary, you can take advantage of the free service at the Union Lido campsite."Union Lido Express

Can I ride my electric scooter in the Camping Union Lido Village?

In the Camping Union Lido Village, the use of electric scooters, roller skates, skateboards, hoverboards and similar vehicles is prohibited to ensure safety and tranquility within the area. Only manual scooters equipped with rubber wheels and front brakes are permitted to be used, in line with our policies for the safety and comfort of all guests.

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