By booking at Luxury Camp, you will have access to our exclusive free and secure parking service. This convenience allows you to park your vehicle in a safe and secure area for the duration of your stay, ensuring peace of mind and security at no additional cost. Enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle is safe in our secure car park.


As a Luxury Camp customer, you will have the privilege of accessing our exclusive private beach, an oasis of tranquility and beauty. For your maximum comfort, we put free sunbeds and umbrellas at your disposal, allowing you to relax and enjoy the sun in full relaxation. This service, included in your booking, ensures you an unforgettable stay experience, full of luxury and well-being, with the convenience of a beach reserved only for our guests.


By booking at the Luxury Camp, each customer will receive a free welcome kit, designed to make the start of their stay even more special. This carefully selected kit includes a series of products and attentions that reflect our commitment to excellence and guest comfort. This welcoming gesture is our way of showing appreciation and ensuring that every moment spent with us is an unforgettable experience from the first moment.


For customers who choose to stay at the Luxury Camp, we offer a paid room service which includes the change of linen and towels. This service is designed to ensure an additional level of comfort and convenience during your stay. For a simple supplement, you can enjoy the freshness of clean sheets and towels, delivered directly to your accommodation, ensuring an even more relaxing experience with attention to every detail.


By booking at the Luxury Camp, families will discover the convenience of having a pedestrian area dedicated exclusively to children within the village. This safe and protected space allows the little ones to play and have fun in freedom, offering parents the peace of mind of a controlled and child-friendly environment. The pedestrian area is designed to encourage outdoor play and social activities in a safe and pleasant environment, making a stay at Luxury Camp an unforgettable experience even for our youngest guests.


For customers who choose to stay at the Luxury Camp, we offer an exclusive taxi service within the village, operated with elegant electric buggies. This service, available on request and based on availability, is ideal for moving comfortably within the vast territory of the village. Whether reaching the beach, the common areas, or any other destination within the Luxury Camp, our electric buggies offer a fast, eco-friendly and fun way to travel. With this service, we aim to make every moment of your holiday relaxing and effortless, adding a touch of luxury and convenience to your stay.


At Luxury Camp, we provide our guests with a dedicated concierge service, designed to listen and satisfy every need. Our concierge team is at your complete disposal to help you personalize your experience, offering tailor-made assistance for every request. Whether it's reservations for special dinners, organization of excursions, or any other need, our expert staff is ready to ensure you have an impeccable and worry-free stay. This exclusive service is our way of ensuring that every moment spent at Luxury Camp is exactly how you want it.


At Luxury Camp, we have designed the check-out process to ensure maximum convenience for our guests. To ensure a peaceful return at the end of your stay, check-out will be organized so as not to require you to wait your turn or have to queue. This queue-free check-out system is designed to offer you a smooth and relaxed departure experience, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and tranquility of the Luxury Camp until the last moment. With this attention to detail, we are committed to making every aspect of your stay, right down to the final goodbye, as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.
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