Terms and Conditions


Anyone (“Guest”) can send a BOOKING REQUEST via email to booking@luxurycamp.it or you can make the booking directly via the online booking system on the website www.luxurycamp.it.

The RESERVATION REQUEST must be made directly by the Guest who will occupy the accommodation; the latter must indicate the total number of people and their respective names. It is also appropriate to indicate:

  1. if you are accompanied by minors, and, if so, how many of them;
  2. if among the guests there are disabled people;
  3. any other specific need and/or particular condition (provided reasonable), so that Luxury Camp, to the extent possible, can satisfy such needs

Following the RESERVATION REQUEST, Luxury Camp will send a non-binding RESERVATION OFFER indicating the dates of the stay, the price and the date by which the security deposit must be paid (duration of validity of the RESERVATION OFFER).

The reservation will be considered confirmed and will become binding for both parties only following the payment of a sum as a security deposit by the Guest, no later than the deadline indicated in the RESERVATION OFFER, which will also indicate the amount.

This sum is paid as a deposit and guarantee of the obligations assumed by the Guest with the booking.

Following payment of the security deposit, Luxury Camp will send the BOOKING CONFIRMATION to the Guest. The latter fully accepts the contents of these Booking and Cancellation Conditions. The BOOKING CONFIRMATION must be shown by the Guest upon check-in at the facility.

Once the date by which the Guest had to pay the security deposit has passed, the booking will be considered as never having taken place and Luxury Camp will be free to accept other bookings for the housing unit/accommodation from other parties who request it, without the Guest may have any rights in relation to your booking.

In the case of online booking, after paying the security deposit required by the system, the Guest will receive the BOOKING CONFIRMATION, containing all the information relating to the general conditions of the contract, the essential characteristics of the service and the price.

Luxury Camp reserves the right to change, at its sole discretion and as necessary, the number of accommodation initially assigned at any time, even following payment of the security deposit and sending of the BOOKING CONFIRMATION.

The Guest cannot under any circumstances transfer the booking to third parties without the prior written authorization of Luxury Camp.

The Guest has the right to request changes to the booking already made, which involve changing the period of stay and/or the number of people; in this case the original booking will be considered canceled and a new booking will be made, if there is material availability in this sense. Such changes, if accepted, are subject to normal tariff changes (increasing or decreasing). Changes to bookings already made are only possible if they are made up to 30 (thirty) days before arrival.

A security deposit of EUR 200 is required upon arrival. You will have to pay for it by credit card. You should receive your refund within 7 days of checking out. The deposit will be refunded in full to your credit card after a verification of the condition of the accommodation.


The Guest must communicate their wish to cancel their reservation in writing, referring to the BOOKING CONFIRMATION received.

The cancellation request must be received exclusively from the booking holder (or in case of impossibility on the part of the latter, from a duly authorized person). The Guest who renounces the reservation is not entitled to a refund of the security deposit paid, with the following clarifications. In fact, if the written communication of cancellation is received by Luxury Camp, by e-mail (or, alternatively, by fax or registered mail or by any other means that ensures its receipt) at least 31 (thirty-one) days before the date of arrival indicated in the BOOKING CONFIRMATION Luxury Camp will not charge the Guest the full amount of the holiday but only the 30% deposit paid as a penalty. The Guest who renounces the reservation with written communication sent to Luxury Camp from the 30th day to the arrival date indicated in the reservation will not be entitled to any refund. Luxury Camp has the right to charge the entire amount of the holiday in addition to the balance as a penalty. Luxury Camp recommends taking out insurance in advance, both for equipment and camping risks, with an insurance company of your choice.

In case of discrepancy, the Italian text available on the site will prevail www.luxurycamp.it

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